Madison Christmas Bird Count!

The WYBC held its first unofficial trip on Saturday, Dec. 19 and it was a blast! Young birders Michael and Josh came down to the east side of Madison to help Aaron Stutz and Cynthia and Peter Bridge with the CBC.    It was a fun, informal get-together- thanks so much to everyone who helped make this happen!

The Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count is a nation-wide effort to catalog birds that started in 1900. Each year, thousands of volunteers go out for one day and count as many individual birds they can.                             Long-running data from this impressive citizen science project helps us with everything from getting to know the birds in our neighborhood to monitoring large-scale population trends. More info can be found here: 

The day started off rather windy and slow on Governor’s Island, with frigid windchill keeping bird activity subdued. Despite this, we started around 7 in a beautiful sunrise.


Props to Josh for finding a Ruby-crowned Kinglet!

For the following several hours, we moved around the eastern Lake Mendota area, tallying all the species we could.


An unexpected Rusty Blackbird was an surprising highlight. An adult Bald Eagle also gave us a good show:


Thanks again to Aaron Stutz. The morning’s checklists can be found here:



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