Bird Banding at Woodland Dunes Nature Center


Join us on October 8th in Two Rivers for a chance to mist net and band songbirds. Jim Knickelbine will lead the group through a morning of bird-banding, demonstrating techniques and conventions such as how to properly remove a bird from a net, how to hold a wild bird and other data that can be collected. This will be a hands-on activity; every member will have the opportunity to participate in the process! The club may band migrants such as Orange-crowned Warbler, Palm Warbler, Lincoln’s Sparrow and White-crowned Sparrow in addition to resident Wisconsin birds.

 Jim is the Executive Director of the center and has been working at the site for 23 years. He has extensive experience in both bird banding and youth education. Jim is also the co-chair of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology’s Education Committee.

Please meet promptly at 7:30am on October 8th in the parking lot of

3000 Hawthorne Ave, Two Rivers, WI 54241.

The facility has bathrooms, however please use them before banding as it is off-site.

While the WYBC will provide a small snack, bring plenty of water!

If you need transportation assistance, email Ryan at the address below.

Because of limited space availability, we ask that you bring no more than 2 family members along. The event will last no longer than 3-4 hours.

******Note: You MUST RSVP to attend this event.*******

If you can’t make it at 7:30 but would like to come, inform Ryan so the group is not delayed. Better late than never!



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