January Young Birder of the Month: Luke


Age: 15    Hometown: Reedsburg, WI

 How long have you been birding, and what got you started?        

   Somewhere around three and a half years. My interest was first sparked when we did a school project that involved drawing some of the birds that we’d seen. At some point we saw a bird that I couldn’t ID (a recurring problem), so we called a lady we had connections with (my recurring solution) who knew about birds! Of course she was an avid birder, so she invited me to our town’s local bird festival. I got involved with the birding group there, and they got me hooked!

Why did you choose to join the Wisconsin Young Birders Club?        

     I chose to join the club because it provided a great opportunity to meet and bird with more birders, as well as go on awesome field trips.

What is one bird you want to see in the future?      

    Definitely a King Eider! This bird has fascinated me since we visited the St. Louis Zoo years ago. We tried to see the one in Milwaukee, but got there just one day too late!!

Tell us an interesting/funny birding story from your experience in Wisconsin or elsewhere.             My favorite birding story is of a birding day during my first year out. I was just out with the aforementioned group seeing some great birds when we were standing at the top of a small hill. A bird flew right by us; everyone watched it fly by in silence. Long tail, pink underwing— I was just about to make a suggestion when the group leader took the words out of my mouth. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher!

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

If you couldn’t be a full-time birdwatcher, what would you want to be when you grow up?   

  A pastor and a dad. (Hopefully all three options can go together!)

Why is birding important to you?       

       Birding is important to me because it’s just so incredibly fun! I love the community that has grown around it and the opportunity that provides to meet awesome people. It’s really cool that you can walk up to random people with binoculars and scopes and start a great conversation.

What is one thing you like to do when you’re not birding?       

   I really enjoy goofing around with my siblings; we have some really great times together.

Thanks, Luke!


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